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3 in 1 Multifunction Butter Knife | Purple


Superb folding cutlery set in stainless steel pocket. Very good and robust, this kit includes a spoon, a knife, a bottle opener and a fork.
It also has a ring for hanging on the belt or a backpack. It is the essential kit for all campers, adventurers or nature lovers.

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This 3 in 1 Multifunction Butter Knife is made of high quality Stainless steel.

It can be used as a table knife, a cheese knife or a butter knife.
It allows you to work the butter in different ways. It makes it possible to slice the butter, to make hazelnuts of butter and to make hair of butter to facilitate the realization of your sandwiches, even frozen or refrigerated butter.

It can be used for breakfast, lunch, supper or for cooking.

Its wide blade allows you to spread butter, cream or jam very simply and quickly on your toast.

This beautiful, sleek design has a perfect weight balance.
This butter knife is very efficient with small holes split along the edge of the blade which is designed to wrap hard butter on your bread.

The larger hole is designed to curl larger amounts of butter and quickly make beautiful pieces of butter.

The serrated edge makes it easier to cut bread and butter.

Finally, the ergonomic design and smooth finish ensure safety and avoid accidental injury.

This simple and robust butter knife has a serrated edge and a flat blade to facilitate the cutting and spreading of butter and especially chilled butter!

It is made of high quality 403 stainless steel, without harmful impurities.

It can go in the dishwasher and is resistant to detergents.

The knife can be used with chocolate, cheese, cream, spreads, jam, terrines, vegetables and many more

Characteristics :

  • Color: Purple
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 20,6 x 2,6 x 0,6 cm / 8,1 x 1,1 x 0,2 inch
  • Net weight: 75g
  • Easy cleaning

Zunik’s tip: This butter spread knife is suitable even for children to fill their sandwich with butter, chocolate or jam.


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