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Magical Nutcracker


This nutcracker is simply magical because it breaks all nuts or nuts in less than a second. None resist him.
Once you have taken the cost of the hand, it quickly becomes addictive and fun.

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This opener replaces 5 alone. It allows to uncap, open the lids, unscrew the bottle caps, open the aluminum cans and open the tinned with a tab.

Ergonomic and equipped with a non-slip handle, it helps to open the vast majority of packaging.


  • Color: Metal + Red
  • Material: Stainless + PP
  • Size: About 10 x D7 cm
  • Net weight: 110g
  • Very robust
  • Easy to store & clean.

Zunik’s tip : Do not give to children who could get hurt with or then play to send your nuts into the decor;)


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