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Revolutionary 25m Expandable Garden Hose | Blue


This mini finger pruner is very practical and discreet for cutting stems and small branches with delicacy as close as possible to the plant.

It is also very practical to simplify the picking of fruits and certain vegetables. It can also be used to cut aromatic herbs that are grown in the kitchen or garden.

It’s simple to use: Just put it on your thumb and pinch the stem to cut it. Some people prefer to use it with the index finger.

It can be cumbersome and very practical, especially in apartments because it is easy to use.

Adjustable, it adapts to the majority of thumbs or fingers.

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Coming from the United States, this hose is revolutionary because it has retractable and extendable technology.
It is 8m long but once filled with water, it extends to a maximum of 25m.
This makes it light and very easy to store in a simple cachepot.

It is made of a soft but sturdy fabric sheath and a stretchy latex wall.

Thanks to its innovative technology and the latex it contains, this hose has the characteristic of being extensible, then retracting after use.

Just connect the garden hose to your outdoor faucet and turn on the water supply.

Immediately under water pressure, the hose expands in length and diameter to reach up to 3 times its original size!
When you’re done using this hose, simply turn off the water supply and empty the garden hose of the remaining water.

The pipe then shrinks back to its normal size. No more carrying and storing your heavy and bulky garden hose!

This hose is very light, even your children can carry it and water the garden.

In addition, its small size makes it easy to store, anywhere in your home. In your garage or in the garden, this hose takes up very little space.
Very strong, this hose does not twist.

This ensures that the water supply is always constant and that pressure-cutting nozzles will not form, as is the case with conventional garden hoses.

Thanks to the materials that compose it, this pipe is very resistant.

It does not pierce, and thus prevents you from losing pressure when you water, and wasting unnecessarily lost water.

Never knots and never tangles.

It is ideal for garden use or for cleaning vehicles and surfaces.

The kit includes a 7-function gun with non-slip handle and a connection for your outdoor water tap.

For use with cold water.

The set is sold in a quality cardboard box.


  • Couleur: Blue
  • Materials: Fabric and Latex
  • Size: 8m extendable to 25m maximum
  • Net weight: 850 gr
  • Contents of the kit: 1 hose of 8m extendable to 25m max + 1 gun 7 functions + 1 tap connection
  • Washes easily by hand under the tap.
  • Easy to store.

Zunik’s tip : An ideal gift for those who have a garden and are looking for a light and easy to store hose.


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