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SPARK Connect 2.0 Headset Holder with NFC Chip


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The SPARK headphone holder is the perfect companion for all types of wired headphones!

Easy to use, with an elegant and minimalist design, this headphone accessory fulfills five functions:

  1. EARPHONE HOLDER: SPARK makes it easy to access your headphones, no longer searching for them, they are hanging on your neck within easy reach. Taking off your headphones SPARK wears them for you.
  2. HANDS-FREE: No phone on the ear so less exposure to waves and you keep your hands free.
  3. EARPHONE STORAGE: SPARK’s malleable cord has been specially designed to help you store your headphones quickly and easily.
  4. NO KNOTS: Your headphones ready to go in an instant. Unwind the SPARK cord and your headphones will release in less than two seconds.
  5. SMARTPHONE STAND: Using its malleable cord, SPARK can be transformed into a stand for Smartphone in a single gesture. NFC
  6. CHIP: By passing your NFC-compatible smartphone near the NFC chip of your SPARK, you can read the data it contains or perform actions.

Clever and versatile, SPARK is a high-tech headphone holder. It is made up of high-precision parts, a customizable malleable cord with anodized aluminum screw threads, an integrated NFC chip and a magnetic tab closure system.

SPARK Connect is customizable thanks to its NFC Chip *.

By passing your NFC-compatible smartphone close to the NFC chip of your SPARK Connect, you can read the data it contains or perform actions.

For example: a simple swipe of your phone in front of your NFC tag before going to sleep, and it will automatically cut the Wi-Fi, switch to silent profile and set your alarm clock for the next day.

Each SPARK Headphone Holder is packaged in quality packaging.

(* Optional NFC chip not compatible with iphone)

Characteristics :

  • Avalable colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green or Pink
  • Size with packaging: 20 x 12.6 x 2 cm
  • Net weight: 30g

Zunik’s tip: A cool and practical gift for people who like to exercise with headphones.

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